Lees Court Estate, Faversham
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Lees Court Estate

​The aim of farming on the Lees Court Estate is to maximise profit by producing crops with the highest quality and yield from a sustainable agricultural system, whilst conserving the natural environment.

The Farm is a member of LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming). This includes a bi-annual audit to encourage the farm to adopt the aims and principles of Integrated Crop Management (ICM).  ICM is a method of farming that balances the requirements of running a profitable business with responsibility and sensitivity to the environment. It includes practices that minimise waste, enhance energy efficiency and minimize pollution. ICM combines the best of modern technology with some basic principles of good farming practices and is a whole farm, long-term strategy. Since 2011 the Estate has participated in the  LEAF project,  “Let Nature Feed Your Senses”.

The Farm is also undertaking the Voluntary Initiative. This is an initiative for spray operatives to continually develop better management skills and standards in regards to pesticides and fertilizers.

Strutt and Parker - Farming

Strutt & Parker has been working with landowners for more than 100 years, helping them to manage and make the most of their land.

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Gosmere Farms Partnership

Gosmere Farms Partnership is the in-hand farm for Lees Court Estate.