Lees Court Estate, Faversham
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10 Jun 2018

Annual Charity Clay Shoot

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In aid of The National Game Keepers Organisation Educational Trust and Bowel Cancer UK

75 Bird Sporting shoot £25

Individual Pool Shoot

Start 10am - Last entry 3.30pm

See diary entry for more information 

01 Aug 2017

How to run a successful shoot

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The Estate is featured in the CLA Magazine "How to run a shoot".


11 Sep 2016

Mills Hand Grenade found during Metal Detecting Rally

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An unexploded Mills hand grenade was found by a metal detectorist during the three day rally organised by Medway History Finders and held on the Estate on the 9th, 10th and 11th September 2016.

The grenade was found in a grass field close to the Lees Court Mansion.  It was "gently" placed beside a tree and the police were called.

The Estate arranged for the cattle, which were grazing in the field, to be moved and the police cordoned off the area until the Bomb Disposal Team arrived from Folkestone Barracks.

The hand grenade was x-rayed but it was not clear as to whether of not it still contained explosives and was therefore not safe to be transported.  A 500m area of was cordoned off to allow the Bomb Disposal Team to safely detonate the grenade in the field.  The shrapnel confirmed that the grenade did contain explosives.

08 Apr 2016

Kent Archaeological Society Project at Lees Court Estate

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The Fieldwork Committee of the Kent Archaeological Society (KAS) is undertaking a project to investigate and define the achaelogical account of the Lees Court Estate. The Project has been named "The Archaaeological Story of the Lees Court Estate from Prehistory to Yesterday - A 600- year journey".

This is a phased programme of events and in this initial phase KAS are conducting a desk based research exercise whereby they will be plotting on to the Estate Map the known archaeology and history.  They will be collecting and collating information from the Society's Heritage List for England from Historic England. To finalise this mapping examination, KAS will overlay the Estate Map with a Lidar Survey.  Once complete, KAS will be able to indentify known archaeology and areas that will need further on site archaeological investigation.

01 Jan 2016

The Countess Sondes - Ambassador of the Global Partnerships Forum

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The Countess Sondes Becomes an Ambassador of the Global Partnership Forum

The Global Partnership Forum (GPF is a unique, not-for-profit, knowledge platform, providing change-makers with the tools to build innovative partnerships. The GPF convenes thought leaders and practitioners from across sectors to address challenges around the world, and supports the goals and objectives of the United Nations.

Lady Sondes is proud to be one of ten Ambassadors, who include Cherie Blair, The First Lady of Gabon, and Geena Davis.



Photo: Mr Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations and The Countess Sondes

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The Global Partnerships Forum

What is the GPF?

​Vision: To accelerate the social impact of people and organisations around the world through innovation collaboration

The Global Partnerships Forum, is a membership-driven organisation that provides a platform for innovative partnerships and alliances.  It brings together leaders froma across sectors to address global challenges, and forsters economic growth, by moving the need beyond aid to economic empowerment.

At a glance:

  • a platform for ideas
  • a pool of knowledge
  • an aggregator of expertise
  • a broker of partnerships
  • a catalyst for ideas

Ideas, expertise, knowledge and collaboration are the four pillars of our operations.