Lees Court Estate, Faversham
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Kent Archaeological Society Project at Lees Court Estate

Lees Court Estate

The Fieldwork Committee of the Kent Archaeological Society (KAS) is undertaking a project to investigate and define the achaelogical account of the Lees Court Estate. The Project has been named "The Archaaeological Story of the Lees Court Estate from Prehistory to Yesterday - A 600- year journey".

This is a phased programme of events and in this initial phase KAS are conducting a desk based research exercise whereby they will be plotting on to the Estate Map the known archaeology and history.  They will be collecting and collating information from the Society's Heritage List for England from Historic England. To finalise this mapping examination, KAS will overlay the Estate Map with a Lidar Survey.  Once complete, KAS will be able to indentify known archaeology and areas that will need further on site archaeological investigation.