Lees Court Estate, Faversham
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The Estate still has some availability for shooting for the 2022/2023 season, including some walked up/rough days.  Please contact the Estate Office on 01227 731331 or email office@leescourtestate.com

Date Number of birds
18 Oct 2022 250
19 Oct 2022 30
23 Oct 2022 30
25 Oct 2022 150
27 Oct 2022 30
08 Nov 2022 30
14 Dec 2022 250
10 Jan 2023 150
Biodiversity on reared pheasant shoots

The Lees Court Estate Project aimed to discover whether a large commercial pheasant shoot, releasing a substantial number of reared birds, could simultaneously improve wildlife including wild breeding pheasants.

Before the Project’s start, the in-house farm was typically modern, with arable ploughed to the field edges, fields block-cropped for convenience, and hedgerows cut annually and often sprayed along the base for weed control. Woods were used primarily as sites for release pens.

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Getting to us

By Car:
Lees Court Estate is easily accessible by car from either the M20 or M2 motorways.

By Rail:
Faversham Railway Station is on the mainline direct in to London Victoria (1hour 15min) and is a short drive from the Estate.

Ashford International and EuroStar:
The Highspeed Train from Ashford International direct to St Pancras, London. 
EuroStar leaves from Ashford International going direct to Paris
Ashford International and Eurostar are a 20min drive from the Estate

EuroTunnel and Seaports:
EuroTunnel is a 40min drive from the Estate. http://www.eurotunnel.com
Various car ferries operate out of Dover and are within a 45min drive from the Estate.  http://www.poferries.com

London Biggin Hill http://www,bigginhillairport.com
London Gatwick http://www.gatwickairport.com
London Ashford (Lydd) http://www.lydd-airport.co.uk

There is room to land helicopters close to the Estate Office, Stringman's Farm.  Please call for further details.