Lees Court Estate, Faversham
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Lees Court Estate

Lees Court Estate is renowned for its first class shoot, which takes place over much of the Estate with the highest birds being presented over the steep sided valley that runs north to south through the middle of the Estate. Lees Court was included under Richard Purdey's chapter about his favourite shoots, in  Alex Brant's book "The World's Best Shoots" published September 2008.

The first day of the season takes take place in October, with around 25 days through to the end of January. A mix of pheasants and French partridges are released on the Estate for the shooting season.

The Countess Sondes, who runs the Lees Court Shoot, assumed the responsibility on the death of her husband, The Earl Sondes, in 1996. She is assisted by her gamekeeper Shayne Dean, and the shoot day can involved as many as 60 additional people including guns, beaters, pickers up, loaders and catering staff.

The Countess Sondes is a vociferous supporter of shooting. She thinks it is important that this historically significant way of life is maintained and believes the shoot improves biodiversity on the Estate, as well as generating local employment and supporting the rural economy.   The Estate is a member of the audited  British Game Assurance Scheme.

Lees Court is about an hour and a half’s drive from central London and approximately 15 minutes from Ashford International Railway Station which also gives immediate access to the Continent.

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The British Game Alliance

The Lees Court Shoot is proud to be an affliated member of the British Game Alliance, undergoing an annual audit every summer.

The British Game Alliance is the official marketing board for the UK game industry. As a not-for-profit organisation, we work to promote the value of all feathered game to the public whilst exploring new markets at home and overseas. Through our 'British Game' assurance scheme we can ensure the provenance of our game meets rigorous and ethical standards.

We help our member shoots increase the value of their game by finding new markets and strengthening demand. By carrying the 'British Game' stamp your clients are assured they are participating in a shoot that adheres to the highest standards.

For further information on the BGA, please click https://www.britishgamealliance.co.uk/