Lees Court Estate, Faversham
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London Array

Lees Court Estate

A consortium of investors have collaborated to develop what, at the time, constituted the world’s largest offshore wind farm, north-east of the Swale Estuary. 

In order to connect that development to the National Grid a significant under-sea electric cable is in the process of being laid, and crosses the Swale Estuary. 

The Estate is actively involved in ensuring that the cable does not adversely affect its various interests in the Swale, nor that of the wider community. 

While there is a degree of disruption caused from laying the cable, the Estate is aware of the demands and justifications for the London Array development, and the benefits of green energy as part of the national supply, particularly given the Government’s obligations under the Kyoto Protocol.

London Array

London Array is arguably the most widely known UK offshore wind farm. Its sheer scale and proximity to Greater London mean it’s often referred to by politicians and in the press. At 1,000MW, the project is currently the world’s largest consented offshore wind farm and will be built in two phases.

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